Tender Heifer Snack Co. and Smokehouse Jerky Company have been selling jerky products of the highest quality, inspected by USDA, since 2003.
Starting from the California Grown meats, to the recipes developed, all the way through the processing, we do everything to the highest standards of quality for that exceptional taste and tenderness. At this time we offer 10 flavors of beef, 2 bacon, and 4 flavors each of venison, elk, and buffalo jerky.

There is a full range of flavors for any Jerky enthusiast even with the most discriminating taste.

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Independent Reviews

Unsolicited Testimonials

I just wanted to tell you that your beef jerky is AMAZING - particularly the Teriyaki flavor. Its delicious. I'm really happy that you guys are a local company. You can taste the difference... I LOVE IT.

Andrea - November 2013

The quality and bouquet of this jerky can only be described as perfect. I like to think I have sampled a fair amount of jerky, and the Sweet and Spicy flavor which I recently purchased blew all of the others away. While a bit more expensive, the age old saying of "You get what you pay for" is applied most truly in this purchase. Not too tough, but not too moist, this decadent treat will turn the most avid PETA follower into a jerky-junkie. Highly recommended.  

Jackie - September 2013

Just wanted to say I tried tyour Bacon Sriracha cha cha today and it is simply awesome. Love love love it.

Anonymous - July 2015