What We Offer

Whether you're an established business looking for additional products or are
looking to develop your own private label brand, we offer a successful
line of jerky and snack offerings with a proven track record of successful sales.

We offer:

Beef Jerky • Bacon Jerky • Cowboy Cut Beef Jerky
Beef Sticks • Meat Snacks • Licorice • Candies • Nuts • Popcorn • Fruit Snacks • Mexican Candies • Trail Mixes... and so much more!

We have made it simple to get started:

• A private label program based upon what works best for you •
• Super Low Minimums to Get You Started Quickly •
• Minimal Start-Up Investment •
• Decades of Experience Creating Businesses •

For the past decade, we have focused on the jerky and snack industries, offering a simple and effective program to help you succeed.

Contact us today to learn how easily you can start your private label product line.